Opening Session's Theme

International Leadership ConfereNce

UPF and its global network of Ambassadors for Peace bring universal, spiritual principles to the tasks of resolving conflict and reconciling the divided human family. The International Leadership Conference series focuses on the urgent need for new vision and moral leadership. Presentations offer a framework for peacebuilding and development grounded in core values and universal principles.

Panelists - Opening Session

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon

Universal Peace Federation

Cllr. Canon Ann Easter

Mayor’s Commis-sioner for Interfaith Engagement, New-ham, London, UK

Sheikh Mohamad Ali Al-Haj Al-Amili

Imam, As-Sajjad Seminary, Lebanon

Senator Pier Ferdinando Casini

Senator; Former President, National Assembly; Honorary Chairman, Interparliamentary Union, Italy

Dr. Claude Béglé

Entrepreneur, Founder and President, Symbioswiss; Former Member of Parliament, Switzerland

Dr. Thomas G. Walsh

Chairman, UPF International

Dr. Katsumi Otsuka

Chairman, UPF Europe & Middle East


For more than 70 years now, the Korean peninsula has been tragically divided at the 38th parallel.  Despite many efforts to open a path to peace and reconciliation, the conflict remains frozen. Nevertheless, we are confident that peace is possible. The International Leadership Conference (ILC2021) is laying the foundation to launch Think Tank 2022, a virtual think tank consisting of multiple expert working groups dedicated to exploring the opportunities for peace on the Korean peninsula. 

Each ILC2021 webinar will address the question of the peaceful reunification of the Peninsula from a different perspective and propose constructive solutions. You are cordially invited to attend any of the ten session webinars which will be hosted by the different UPF Associations. You will hear perspectives from former heads of state and government, parliamentarians, religious leaders, scholars, business leaders, media professionals, and leaders in the fields of art and culture.

Welcome to ILC2021!