Session IV

Biden Administration Strategies for Northeast Asia

Panelists - Session IV

Hon. Dan Burton

U.S. House of Representatives
(1983-2013), USA

Mr. Harry Kazianis

Senior Director of Korean Studies, Center for the Nation-al Interest, USA

Dr. Alexander Vorontsov

Chairman, Department for Korean and Mongolian Studies, Institute of Oriental Studies, Russia Academy of Sciences; Associate Professor, MGIMO think tank (Moscow State Institute of International Relations)

Mrs. Kayleigh Moffitt

Director of Government Relations, Universal Peace Federation, USA

Dr. Barthélémy Courmont

Senior Research-fellow,
Institute of International and Strategic Relations (IRIS), France


This conference, webcast worldwide, is one of three to be held this summer highlighting the thinking of leading experts on the Korean Peninsula, Northeast Asia and stakeholder parties, including policy institute scholars, current and retired diplomats and members of the military, as well as current and former heads of state, parliamentarians and government ministers. Panelists will discuss policies, geopolitical interests and their recommendations for steps that can be taken toward a peaceful resolution of the Korean conflict.