Session VIII

Beyond Borders: The Peace Road Initiative


The Peace Road Initiative aims to tear down the walls that have historically divided humankind and bring it together as one family under God. The Initiative dates back from the 1981 announcement by the UPF Founders in Seoul, Korea, of the International Peace Highway Project. Beginning with a tunnel between Japan and a reunified Korea, the project links the world together through a global system of highways and railways, helping to create an interdependent, interconnected and harmonious world. 

Promoting this ideal, Peace Road activities are being held around the world, connecting people beyond borders to overcome the legacy of conflicts inherited from past centuries. In this session, panelists will present the Peace Road vision and recent peace road activities around the globe.


Dr. Katsumi Otsuka,

Chairman, UPF Europe & Middle East

Dr Afsar Rathor

President, LIOS-SOIL Organization; Former UN Official, Austria

Mr. Ali Laçej

President, Albanians Peace Council, Albania

Mr. Dmitry Samko

Coordinator, Peace Road Russia

Mrs. Elisabeth Cook

President, FFWPU Austria

Dr. Juraj Lajda

President, UPF Czech Republic