Session VII

Imagining a Unified World:
The Youth’s Contribution to Peace on the Korean Peninsula


The Korean peninsula has been divided for over 70 years, despite efforts for rapprochement and reunification. A generation has passed. The future of Korea and the world now lies in the hands of the youth. Indeed, young people are the ones to take the initiative to bring about harmony between the two Koreas. However, as Korea was divided by external superpowers at the end of World War II, peace between North and South Korea does not only concern and depend on the Korean people. It also concerns Europe, the whole world, and its youth. 

In this session, young panelists will share about projects and initiatives in the fields of sports, the arts, and the environment aimed at rapprochement and, ultimately, at the peaceful reunification of the Peninsula. They will lead participants to imagine peace and unification from the perspective of youth in both Koreas. They will help young people feel hope and act as peacemakers, in Korea and throughout the world.


Mrs. Ju-hee Um

IAYSP Korea, UniUS Project for a Peaceful Reunification of Korea, South Korea

Mr. Andrei Litvinov

Founder of Ethnic Korean Kids Center and of "Culture DNA", Teacher in Senal for foreign students, article writer in Segae Ilbo Newspaper, Ukraine

Mrs. Jeonghye Hassinen

Secretary General and former President of IAYSP Europe & Middle East, Austria

Mrs. Mélanie Komagata

Graduate Student in East Asian studies, University of Geneva, Switzerland