Session V

The Potential of Private Sector Initiatives to Boost the North Korean Economy


Private sector initiatives play a key role in providing goods and services to citizens and institutions, developing new technologies, and fostering international cooperation. Several nations from the former communist bloc, such as China or Vietnam, have successfully integrated market economy principles into their socialist systems. In this regard, what is the potential for a private sector economy to develop in North Korea? 

Panelists will address the following questions: what kind of advantages would be achieved for the country? How to attract foreign investment? What government policies would be needed? What lessons can be learnt from other centrally planned economies? How to stimulate entrepreneurship and prepare the public administration for such a development?


Dr. Pablo Sanz Bayón

Lecturer in Commercial Law, .Spain

Mr. Paul Tjia

Director, GPI Consultancy, The Netherlands

Mr. Mark Tokola

Vice-president, Korea Economic Institute of America, USA tbc

Dr. Claude Béglé

Founder and President, Symbioswiss, former Member of Parliament,