Session II

Resources and Tools of Faith Based Organizations
in Support of Reuniting the Korean People


Koreans have been divided through a harsh post war armistice for more than 70 years. Families have been separated, not knowing the whereabouts of their loved ones. This session aims to promote resources and tools of faith-based organizations (FBO) which could be instrumental in fostering peace, rapprochement and ultimately reunification of the divided Korean people. 

As religion sees humanity as one large family under a benevolent God, FBOs have a natural mandate to remedy this troubled situation. There are tools and resources for conflict resolution, reconciliation, peacebuilding, and reconstruction that are unique to a faith-based approach. The session will also make the case for a broader cooperation among faith-based organizations in the pursuit of de-escalation and a bright future for the divided Korean people.


Archpriest Vladimir Fedorov

Prince Vladimir Cathedral, St. Petersburg, Russian Orthodox Church

Rev. Dr. Stephen Kim

Co-Chairman Korean Clergy Leadership Conference, Seoul, South Korea

Mr. Heiner Handschin

Coordinator IAPD Europe and Middle East

Mrs. Maria Nazarova

President, UPF Russia

Rabbi Kevin De-Carli

President, GIIA Interfaith Youth Council, Switzerland