Session I

Track 1.5 Diplomacy Initiatives with North Korea


Track 1.5 dialogues are conversations that include a mix of government officials—participating in an unofficial capacity—and non-governmental experts. Neither track 1.5 nor track 2 discussions carry the official weight of traditional diplomacy, yet they offer a private, open environment for individuals to build trust, hold conversations and discuss solutions in a way their official counterparts sometimes cannot.

Trusted figures can often glean better insights and nuances and provide non-official communication channels that can prove useful in a crisis. The panelists will share their own experience of Track 1.5 Diplomacy with the DPRK, in the context of parliamentary as well as non-governmental initiatives.


Dr. Katsumi Otsuka

Chairman, UPF Europe & Middle East

Mr. Humphrey Hawksley

Author, Commentator and Former BBC Foreign Correspondent

Hon. Glyn Ford

Former UK Member of the European Parliament, Founder of Track 2 Asia

Dr Antonio Betancourt

Former Director, UPF Office for Peace and Security, USA