IMAP Session's Theme

International Media Association for Peace

The International Media Association for Peace recognizes the vital role that journalists play in guarding against totalitarianism and supporting the expansion of freedom. IMAP represents a worldwide professional network of journalists who support a socially responsible and moral media to convey accurate content, address the challenges of our time based on the highest principles of ethical journalism, and understanding that universal values are key elements of a world of peace.

Panelists - IMAP Session

Mrs. Rita Payne

Former Asia Editor, BBC World News, President emeritus, Commonwealth Journalists Association

Mr. Thomas McDevitt

Chairman The Washington Times

Mr. Masahiro Kuroki

President The Sekai Nippo Times

Prof. Toshio Miyatsuka

TV commentator; President, Miyatsuka Korea Institute, Japan

Mr. Lutfi Dervishi

Journalist and Political Analyst, Albania

Mr. Humphrey Hawksley

Author, Commentator, and Broad-caster; Longstanding BBC Foreign Correspondent, United Kingdom


At the beginning of the 21st century few threats are as ominous as the looming danger of nuclear war on the Korean peninsula. With North and South technically at war for seven decades, four global powers – China, Russia, Japan and the USA – all have a stake in the destiny of the peninsula. Yet even today there is no clear solution that would lead to sustainable peace in North-East Asia. 

The media has a vital role in determining whether we live in peace or at war. In a context of declining trust in the press due, not just to “fake news”, but to the undermining of traditional media ethics, the International Media Association for Peace (IMAP) is reasserting the role of a free and responsible media in processes of peace and reconciliation.

In this panel, IMAP has assembled media professionals from Europe, the USA and Japan who will shine the light of their experience on the complex problems that block the way to peace on the Korean peninsula and in North East Asia.