International Association for Peace and Economic Development

The International Association for Peace and Economic Development affirms the role of businesses, business leaders, and investors to make the world a better place, addressing its most significant challenges, and promoting world peace, long-term mutual prosperity and truly sustainable development. IAED encourages business leadership around the world to contribute to making our nations safer, more secure, more affluent places to live, reducing poverty and creating opportunities for more people to live purposeful and meaningful lives..

Panelists - IAED Session

Mr. Robin Marsh

Secretary General,
UPF United Kingdom

Mr. Masayoshi Kajikuri

Chairman, International Highway Construction Foundation;
Chairman, UPF Japan

Prog. Roger Vickerman

Emeritus Professor of European Economics, University of Kent, United Kingdom

Dr. Yoshimitsu Nishikawa

Research Fellow, Institute of Social Sciences, Tokyo University, Japan

Hon. Gozde Dizdar

Founder and Managing Director, Governance and Development (GD Global), Turkey


In a mayoral election campaign in South Korea’s second largest and southern city, Busan, a futuristic project of an undersea tunnel linking Korea and Japan was heatedly debated against the backdrop of the sour relations between the two most democratic and free economies in the Far East.
The project was proposed four decades ago by the co-founders of the Universal Peace Federation, Dr. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon. Part of the vision of a global highway connecting continents, the Japan-Korea tunnel aims at harmonious bilateral relations across the Korea strait, enhancing the possibility of reunification of the divided peninsula and improving the infrastructure for a future, free economic zone throughout East Asia and beyond.

In a region experiencing great tension between some of the most powerful nations of the world, the project deserves attention as it may offer one of the ingredients for peace, stability and prosperity in East Asia.
The webinar will address this question in relation with the experience from two tunnel projects in Europe and the Middle East Region: The Marmaray Tunnel connecting Europe and Asia across the Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul, Turkey, which was built thanks to technical and economic support from Japan; and the Eurotunnel which plays a significant role in Europe, connecting France and Great Britain.