Session VII & Closing

The Role of the Media in contributing to Peace on the Korean Peninsula


Mr. Peter Zoehrer

Coordinator International Media Association - Europe & Middle East

Mr. Thomas McDevitt

Chairman, The Washington Times, USA

Ms. Jung Mi Hwang

Executive Editor & Vice President, The Segye Times, South Korea

Mr. Guy Taylor

National Security Team Leader and Foreign Policy Reporter, The Washington Times, USA

Mr. Andrew Salmon

Northeast Asia correspondent, Asia Times


Peace on the Korean peninsula is now as fragile as during the decades after the Korean War. South Korea is targeted in an ideological crossfire between powerful players due to its unique strategic position in Asia. Even in “peacetime”, a war of conflicting narratives is raging. These narratives are assumed to be largely conveyed by the media. This raises vitally important questions regarding media ethics and press freedom, which is the prerequisite for mutual trust and understanding between people of different backgrounds.  

Therefore, the role of the media is equally vital in times of war and peace. Most importantly, the media can be a powerful aid in conflict resolution and peacemaking. This panel, consisting of media professionals from Korea, Europe, and the USA, will throw the spotlight on the role of the media in promoting peace on the Korean Peninsula.