Session V

Competing Worldviews concerning Korean Reunification:
How much will they be a factor in the outcome?


Mr. Torbjørn Færøvik

Historian, Journalist and Author, specialist on East Asia, Norway

Hon. Dr. Yevgeny Kim

Leading Researcher, Center for Korean Studies, Institute of the Far East, Russian Academy of Sciences (IFES), Russia

Dr. Thomas Ward

President, Unification Theological Seminary, USA

Mr. Michael Breen

Author and Commentator based in South Korea; CEO, Insight Communications Consultants; former correspondent for The Washington Times and The Guardian

Mr. Bruce Klingner

Senior Research Fellow for Northeast Asia, Asian Studies Center, The Heritage Foundation, USA

Mrs. Kaeleigh Moffit

Congressional Liaison, UPF USA


Varying worldviews, values, and ideologies will drive the agendas of the six primary stakeholder nations in any process of Korean reunification. What are they in each nation’s case? How do they influence each nation’s policy toward reunification? 

How and to what extent do they make it difficult for all stakeholders to reach agreement on the way forward? And what room is there for compromise, so that lasting peace can come to The Korean Peninsula?