Session III

Prospects for a Northeast Asian Economic Union


Ms. Eve Lau

Secretary-General, Chinese People's Federation for World Peace International

Professor Bo Zhiyue

Founder and President, Bo Zhiyue China Institute, New Zealand

Dr. Vladimir Petrovsky

Chief researcher, Russia-China Center, Institute of Far Eastern Studies, Russian Academy of Science, Russia

Dr. Claude Béglé

Founder and President, Symbioswiss; former Member of Parliament, Switzerland

Mr. Gerard Willis

Chairman, HJ Magnolia Korea Foundation, South Korea


The Northeast Asian region includes China, Japan, North and South Korea, and Russia. Moreover, the United States is deeply involved with South Korea and Japan in matters of peace and security. Northeast Asia is a vital link in the global industrial supply chain; but it is also the theater of a rising nuclear threat. Yet, as a region, it lacks security mechanisms; some of its nations still have not signed peace treaties. 

While Europe has gone beyond the challenges of WWI, WWII and the Cold War and established the European Union, Northeast Asia’s post-war settlements and reconciliation processes have largely stalled. Why couldn’t Northeast Asia achieve what Europe has done? The webinar will address this question, which may prove crucial for the success of the peace process on the Korean Peninsula, as well as for Northeast Asia to become a center for prosperity, peace and security in the world.