Session I

The Japan-Korea Tunnel: Toward Northeast Asian Prosperity and a Connected World of Peace


Prof. Park, Jin-hee

Professor of Transportation and Logistics, Dept. of Logistics System Engineering, Korean Maritime and Oceanic University, Busan, South Korea

Dr. James Jung Sang Lee

Former Director World Bank, South Korea

Dr. Katsumi Otsuka

Chairman, UPF Europe & Middle East

Mr. Jacques Marion

Co-chairman, UPF Europe & Middle East

Dr. David Hanna

President, UPF North Europe

Mr. Robin Marsh

Secretary General, UPF United Kingdom


The Japan-Korea Undersea tunnel Project was proposed four decades ago by the co-founders of the Universal Peace Federation. Part of the vision of a global highway connecting continents, the Japan-Korea tunnel aims at harmonious bilateral relations across the Korea strait, enhancing the possibility of reunification of the divided peninsula and improving the infrastructure for a future, free economic zone throughout East Asia and beyond.

In a region experiencing great tensions, the project deserves attention as a potential factor for peace, stability and prosperity in Northeast Asia. The webinar will address this issue based on the experience from two tunnel projects in Europe and the Middle East Region: the Marmaray Tunnel connecting Europe and Asia across the Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul, and the Eurotunnel, which plays a significant role in Europe, connecting France and Great Britain.